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A neuropsychologist specializes in understanding the relationship between the physical brain and behavior. The brain is extremely complex, and disorders within the brain or nervous system can alter behavior and cognitive function. Clinical neuropsychology is the application of neuropsychological knowledge to the assessment, management, and rehabilitation of people who have suffered illness or injury (particularly to the brain) which has caused neurocognitive problems. They also can offer an opinion as to whether a person is demonstrating difficulties due to brain pathology or as a consequence of an emotional or another (potentially) reversible cause or both.
Typical Conditions we examine:
        Traumatic Brain Injury
        Pre- and Post- Neurosurgery
        Medical-Legal Examination (Independent Medical Exams)

Neuropsychological Examination

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation (also called Cog Rehab) is a treatment employed by a neuropsychologist and other therapists to assist patients who have sustained cognitive, emotional, and behavioral impairments as the result of an acquired brain injury caused by trauma, stroke, neurosurgical sequelae, tumor and disease. The kinds of problems addressed in Cognitive Rehabilitation fall into the following categories: Visual perception, memory, reasoning and problem solving, impulse control and self-regulation, energizing and direction of attention and effort, expression and abstract thinking. Cognitive Rehabilitation may emphasize these basic functions or their application to activities of daily living.
The goal of Cognitive Rehabilitation is to help the patient make significant improvements in cognitive functioning, be more successful in participation of daily activities, and have an overall more fulfilling life.
Pre- and post-surgical evaluations are often requested by a physician needing consultation services for surgical candidates.  Pre-surgical evaluations help establish a patient’s baseline functioning prior to a surgical procedure; whereas, post-surgical evaluations allow the patient’s treatment team to monitor for any functional changes or impairments following a surgery.  Surgical procedures in which we can provide evaluation services include:
        Deep Brain Stimulation
        Bariatric procedures
        Spinal Cord Stimulation trials
        Pain Pump trials

Pre & Post-Surgical Evaluation

PsychoEducational Testing

Psychoeducational testing is a process which utilizes standardized tests and questionnaires in an effort to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses across many areas of functioning and attributes.  These areas include but are not limited to the following:
          Cognitive Development
          Academic Achievement
          Adaptive Functioning
          Visual Perception
          Motor Coordination
          Visual-Motor Integration
          Behavior (e.g., Attention, Aggression, etc.)
          Emotion (e.g., Anxiety, Depression, etc.)
Our practice group also offers outpatient psychotherapy, which can help address and treat a number of mental, emotional, and behavioral issues that can affect a patient and/or a patient’s family.
Our providers will design a personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs and goals.  Psychotherapy can aid in the recovery process following trauma, significant life changes, or adjustments in daily life.  Our goals are to help identify triggers for negative behaviors or thoughts that impact our life and relationships, and help you change them in order to be more productive and satisfied with life, even when the unexpected happens.

Outpatient Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

Medication Management

Medication management is defined as patient-centered care to optimize
safe, effective and appropriate drug therapy. Care is provided through
collaboration with patients and their health care teams.
We work with your providers to help manage your medications for the best care available.

Dr. Andrews, ABPP-CN, CBIST, is a Board Certified specialist in Clinical Neuropsychology.  He provides expertise in Forensic or Medical-Legal Neuropsychological Evaluations. He has consulted and testified in both civil and criminal cases for plaintiff, defendant, prosecutor, state and federal cases.  He is also a Certified Forensic Examiner through the State of Arkansas.

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